We present this fun campaign where we did the CGI production and photography. The idea was to tell the two sides of the same situation in a single image; the emotion and the "tragedy" that can happen in a single moment, to present the alliance between two companies that joined together to provide a comprehensive solution; the loan for a project and the insurance in case something goes wrong.
Starting from the concept "Just around the corner", we faced the design stage with 2D sketching but also with the CGI as support for the layout. The photography journeys were intense but a lot of fun working with a great team and cast.
In the last stage, we gave the final CGI detail to the locations, props, and car while the stork and babies were created through props and intensive retouching and illustration work. Finally, we integrated the chosen shots. Hope you like it :)
Campaign: Around the corner
Client: Raiffeisen & die Mobiliar
Agency: Jung von Matt LIMMAT Switzerland
Agent for Switzerland: Visualeyes International AG
Design, CGI & Photography: Estilo 3D

Estilo 3D Team
Art Director: Ezequiel Aprile
Photographer: Esteban Lapidus
CGI Supervisors: Ezequiel Aprile & Esteban Lapidus
Executive Producer: Sebastián Lapidus
Ph Assistants: Leticia Bobbioni & Mauro Huarte
Props: Martín Fojo
Cosmetic Retouch: Lindo Studio

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